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A Matter OF Choice Mindful Development programme © offers solutions for all elements of your talent wheel. Transforming mindset and an individuals wellbeing underpins all that we do. We offer full end-to-end programmes for managing and developing your talent strategy. We know that change can be difficult and can work with you on strategy and delivery of culture change. All of our programmes can be women only if you are seeking to develop your business in this area.


Using our unique Beyond the Obvious ©  model we work on a one to one basis with individuals to really explore the limiting mindsets and beliefs that are holding them back. The coaching and mentoring approach delivers sustainable and accelerated change at all levels in the organisation.


Working with senior executives and leaders to develop their potential to improve performance. A Matter Of Choice’s model helps diversify decision making to maximise performance. Our coaching approach explores how to change mindsets to deliver sustainable transformational change.


Working at all levels to improve the non-physical wellbeing of employees to increase employee engagement in an environment where high performance is the norm and where employees take responsibility for, and understand the role they have, in improving their own wellbeing.


Develop skills and confidence to be work ready to be a better manager and build foundations to become a great leader.It focuses on developing the individual’s self-awareness of the skills a graduate needs to be productive and to understand their gaps. The workshops focus on how to influence and communicate successfully.

Diversity and inclusion

Designed to tackle the issues of diversity and inclusion by exploring the choices people make, looking at how we label and judge others. Our ethos is: No Labels No Limits.

It provides a creative approach to facing your gender challenges to help grow your female leadership team