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Working with educational establishments and skills providers, our programmes offer students the knowledge, skills and attributes to manage their lives and be successful in our fast paced, modern world. Our programmes equip the students with the skills to be safe and healthy, confident and resilient, with an employable mindset. Ready for their future ahead.


Working with students to tackle issues of limiting beliefs and removing the labels that limit them which lead to lack of confidence. We work with targeted groups including, but not limited to, vulnerable girls, STEM students, sports performance.


A programme designed to help participates transition into the world of work. It is of benefit to those in education and those looking to enter the world of work after a period of absence. Focusing on creating a resilient and employable mindset and developing skills businesses have cited as lacking as people enter the world of work.


No health without mental heath. Working at all levels to improve the non-physical wellbeing of students to increase responsibility for, and understand the role they have, in improving their own wellbeing. Focusing on managing anxiety through healthy lifestyles, mindfulness and relaxation techniques. This offers particular support in students preparing for exams.


Working with students and teaching staff we provide 121 mentoring programmes and Mentoring qualifications to support their higher education ,employability and wellbeing goals. Our mentors are from business backgrounds and have practical experience in working with students.We offer specialist mentoring in exam mindsets.confidence, self esteem, anxiety ,anger management and raising aspiration.


Tackling the issues faced by teachers and governors in their leadership and management roles. We run workshops on mindful leadership, team development and management skills.


Designed to tackle the issues of diversity and inclusion by exploring the choices students make, looking at how we label and judge others. Our ethos is: No Labels No Limits.

Focusing on healthy relationships, respecting yourself and the managing the impact of social media.

Find out more about our Free School Taster sessions