Destination Work




C80 Unemployed 18 – 24 year olds


To facilitate the young unemployed into employment. The programme was part of a wider Birmingham City council Project “Destination Work”led by People Plus. Working primarily with people from disadvantaged backgrounds

We had end to end programme management responsibilities and responsibility for all aspects of management of our staff and liaising with all parties (BCC and People Plus ) to ensure the programmes ran effectively and any issues with attendance were identified and dealt with timeously.


Our programme consisted of

·         Series of workshops

·         121 coaching

·         121 mentoring

·         mock interviews,

·          Business simulation exercises with input from local employers that focus on the key sills required for employment.

·         Research that was identified by the learners that specifically relates to these workplace skills.

·         Accredited through ILM for either an Level 2 Award in Team Member Skills

Core Programme Principles to enable our learners to fully understand their:

·         Transferable skills for employment

·         Qualities and Strengths that can support their employment

·         Mindsets and how they impact on their decisions

·          Beliefs and how they limit what they are capable of achieving

·         Fears of Failing – their hurdles , labels and how to overcome them

·         Strategies for being more courageous and confident and ultimately more employable

·         Wellbeing - How to take control of their work/life balance and remain in control once employed, to deal with anxieties, stress and conflict in a positive way.

·         Strategies for taking responsibility and ownership for their choices and decisions to be A Better Me




The programmes are evaluated using the Kirkpatrick evaluation model. Below is the level 1 learning post programme. The rating was 1 strongly disagree to 6 strongly agree an overall score of 6 was achieved from the learners.

85% learners went on to either HE, Apprenticeships or employment

All learners rated their confidence and motivation as improved significantly.

All learners rated their skills and knowledge about employability had improved 100% .