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Consultancy with a lot more heart
Providing development, change and safety solutions with wellbeing at heart
We believe that we all have the power and ability to be the best we can be, to shape the future and be A Better Me A Better World


Our passion is to be the best we can be in all walks of life. We enjoy being curious and are able to work in ambiguity and greyness and have fun with it. This has led us to develop programmes in areas that interest us. Talent and capability, business change, safety choices, employable mindset, wellbeing among others.


Our approach combines traditional methods with creative and innovative techniques, which look at transforming mindset and understanding the labels that limits us. Getting to the root cause to develop skills to make better choices and drive improved performance and sustainable change.


We have a number of different products and services that allow us to partner with businesses, educational establishments, funding providers and individuals, providing sustainable bespoke solutions, nationally and internationally. It is important for us to be working with people who share our values.


At Kokoro we specialise in talent strategy and solutions, business change, safety behaviours and wellbeing


Offering programmes to help students stay safe and healthy, and build a confident and resilient mindset


One to one mentoring and coaching, wellbeing solutions and residential retreats

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